Locations and Hours


COVID 19 has been front and centre of the news for weeks.  Here at East Elgin Family Health Team (FHT) we have been preparing for COVID 19 at the clinic working closely with SW Public Health.  Our goal is to ensure two things:

  1. That patients get the care that they need while at the same time,
  2. We protect the health of our staff and other patients receiving care.


What you should expect:

You should expect that when you call the clinic and ask for an appointment because of fever, cough or shortness of breath, you will be asked about your travel and contact history.    If you are at risk of COVID 19 because of travel or contacts with someone who has COVID 19, you may be offered a phone appointment or offered a phone call back.  If your symptoms are mild, we may ask you to stay put at home and self isolate until we can bring care to you.  If your symptoms are serious, we will call ahead to the ER and ask you to go there for assessment.

You will be asked the same questions about your symptoms and your travel risk at reception in the clinic, and in the hospital and by nurses in ER too.

What we expect of you:

CALL AHEAD!  Please do not just come to the clinic if you think you are at risk of COVID 19 – call ahead so that we can ask you important screening questions to determine if you possibly have contracted COVID 19.  If we determine that you can come to the clinic you will be asked to wear a mask and sanitize hands to ensure that staff and other patients are safe.

We expect you to do diligent hand washing or hand sanitizing when you come to the clinic (20 seconds!  Enough time to sing the alphabet song, or Happy Birthday!)

If you have fever or a cough we expect you to put on a mask when you come into the clinic and LEAVE IT ON FULLY COVERING YOUR MOUTH AND NOSE UNTIL YOU ARE ASKED TO REMOVE IT.  Do not take it off when you are in the exam room!

We will be working hard to try to protect our staff so that they are able to continue to care for the community – your friends, your neighbours, your family. Please help us to do that by being patient with the screening questions, answering honestly and following instructions.